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KEM #24 | 06.05.2019 | HEVRE


I am Michał Kowalczyk and I am this Excel guy 🙂

I've been helping people change their careers for over a year mainly through successful Excel learning via Facebook. Over 22 000 people follow me there. I am the administrator and creator of one of the largest Excel support groups on Facebook in Poland. I worked as a specialist, senior analyst and manager, being responsible for budgets exceeding 50 million USD. At work I was considered as "this Excel guys". Until the end of last year, I was responsible for planning the demand in the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa for a company from the communication sector. From January I am 100% devoted to running my own company.

My mission is to help:

  • students find a job related to Excel,
  • full-time employees increase their effectiveness,
  • entrepreneurs understand the importance of numbers in their businesses.

Privately, I am a husband and father 🙂

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