Mungo Keulemans

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KEM #24 | 06.05.2019 | HEVRE

CEO of and investor in an outstanding Kraków based Professional Market Research, Consulting and Sector events company with the goal of moving it from a local to regional to global company over the next 15 years.

Miscellaneous – from 1988 to 1994 was a soldier, factory worker, barman, waiter, restaurant manager, student, engineer.

Serial entrepreneur

Jointly setup several successful startups from 1995 to 2009. The companies I helped found covered distribution, services, software, projects, commercial real estate development and production in the industrial industry space.

Corporate career

Worked in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for a total of 8 years locally and in Global and European Headquarters in various senior management positions covering sales, marketing, strategy and Global Key Accounts

SME experience

Participated as COO for 9 months in a company attempting to create a global sharing economy using cryptocurrency, 3D printing and a global 3D café franchise as a base.

Social entrepreneur

Participating in variety of Krakow startup and entrepreneurial events to encourage Young students and business people to succeed in their own businesses. Guest lecturer at various universities over the years covering topics such as technology, motivation, robotics etc.


Served for 2 years as EMEA director of CLPA an industrial network association for promoting open standards in industrial Ethernet. Participated in various industrial working groups on European level for subjects such as future of European machine building, Industrie 4.0, IIOT etc.


Divorced but proud father of 2 wonderful young adults. My colleagues have been known to describe me as a hard working person, demanding manager and sometimes even a visionary. Recently in my spare time I engage in Stand Up comedy and pub Quizzes.


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