24th Edition of Kraków Enterprise Mondays took place on 6th of May. This time we met in HEVRE in the Kazimierz district. These are quite big premises (bigger than we had usually), so we had enough place and also good technical facilities (thank you HEVRE again).

This meeting had wider program which made it more interesting, so let me remind you about some most vital facts.

We started as always from Ice breakers. It’s the best opportunity to get to know each other and exchange basic information about yourself. These friendly conversations often turn out to be a beginning of a cooperation, friendship or even a common business and they have become something that KEM can be proud of.



After Ice breakers, for the first time at Kraków Enterprise Monday, we had opportunity to win something - free Revolut premium card for 12 months! You just had to download the Revolut application, come to KEM and answer the question: how fintech could help running a business? Thank you Revolut! We had a lot of fun!

The winner was chosen by a jury composed of our speakers at the end of the event - congratulations for Gioacchino!


First on stage was City Community Manager at Revolut Polska Katarzyna Wabik.

She said about her begginings - community manager positions in YELP, freelancing and many more. Later we could get to know more about REVOLUT and their alternative solution in the field of banking. At the end Kasia gave us an important lesson, which she learned: Even if you are not sure if something does make sense, but you feel like you want to do it, just do it!


After Kasia, Michał Kowalczyk appeared on the stage.

"This Excel guy" as people say, is founder of Excel_lent work - skuteczna nauka Excela. He surprised us with his story and asked some important questions: Earn more or do what you like? Hobby or work? Do what you can do or develop yourself and go outside your comfort zone? Last question was answered by him right away – it was his first public speech in English. Big thanks to Michał for his courage!


And last but certainly not least was Mungo Keulemans.

He convinced us about several things but primarily that it’s good to have a partner in business – it is more fun, but of course hard working cannot be avoided. He said how important is honesty and that greed kills all businesses but on the other hand it’s necessary to be focused on your job and remember business is about making money not spending it. Also, very important thing is to know it takes time. We must be patient and don’t change direction of core business every 3 years. He really know the ropes of business and his lesson was very instructive.


At the end there was a short appearance of Daniel Mika from SEED.Cracow. He is a high school student. Daniel motivated us and proved that you can act regardless of your age. He encouraged us to take part in SEED. Run – turn Vision into Reality. Traditionally, the event ended by Open Mic and Networking.


And this way, 24 edition of Kraków Enterprise Monday has gone down in history. We are so happy that we can create this together, especially when we see that with each subsequent meeting our community is growing.

Thanks! See you in October!

Julia Mazurek - KEM Team Member

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